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The Company

DESMI is an engineering consulting company and operates as a sole proprietorship of Mr. Stavros Kollias, Production and Management Engineer. It started its activity in 1993, with the main object of developing Quality Management Systems, which at that time quality systems were making their first steps in Greek companies. Since then, the company has expanded its activities, providing comprehensive consulting services on:  

  1. development, implementation and certification of Management Systems,
  2. provision of consultancy services to support companies during the annual audits of certification bodies.
  3. preparation of investment plans and submission of proposals in financial tools (ESPA, Development Law)
  4. preparation of Technical Folders – Product Certification (CE Marking).

During its multi-annual activity, the Company has carried out several projects of the above cognitive subjects, in many branches of the business, working on a case-by-case basis and with specialized collaborators, in order to complete the projects with the appropriate scientific and technical excellence, within the agreed timetables. Clients of the Company are mainly private companies from both the secondary (processing) and the tertiary sector (service provision).

Since 2007, the Company has developed and implemented a Quality Management System, of its studies and services in compliance to the ISO 9001: 2015 International Standard requirements.

The Quality Management System was introduced to ensure that:

  • we provide high quality services and studies, focusing on their excellence, completeness, and scientific competence
  • our services have added value for our customers
  • fully meet the requirements and expectations of customers by building strong relationships of trust between us,   

a system of continuous improvement of the quality of the studies and services we offer will be implemented.