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ESPA - Financial Tools - Investment Projects

ESPA - Financial Tools - Investment Projects

The company provides services for the preparation of investment projects and their integration into  subsidized programs such as ESPA Actions, LEADER programs and the Development Law.

This activity involves the provision of integrated services, from the selection of the appropriate grant program to the successful completion of the program and the receipt of the grant.

In more detail, our activity in this field includes:

  • searching for subsidized programs and informing our customers about such programs
  • assessing the needs and capabilities of the customer
  • drafting the investment plan / technical dossier
  • submission to the relevant authorities (in particular for ESPA programs, proposals are submitted to the Panhellenic State Aid System – PSKE)  
  • monitoring the progress of the evaluation process of proposals and support with any additional information requested, until the adoption of the accession decision
  • planning to implement verification requests – certification of expenditure
  • coordination of actions to collect all necessary supporting documents, related to the certification requests
  • submission and monitoring of requests (interim and/or final) for certification of expenditure, for the receipt of the corresponding grant by the company
  • submission and monitoring of requests for amendments (modifications of physical and economic object, change of seat, shareholding, etc.)
  • business support throughout the interim / final audits
  • monitoring the changes of the program to which the investment project was submitted, (amendments to the Action) and adapting it to them.  
  • physical presence and support during on-the-spot expenditure verification, carried out by the Intermediary Body for the implementation of the Action / Program and in general,
  • support the company until the completion of its investment program and receipt of the appropriate grant.